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Stay compliant with UK regulations and prioritise the safety of your tenants. Safewire is a trusted electrical contractor supporting local letting agents and private landlords across York with electrical checks, tests and reports for their rental properties.

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Landlord Home Safety Report

We are members of the rental sector scheme and you can find us on the competent persons register.

As a private landlord, you have a responsibility to ensure the safety and protection of your tenants. This is why new regulations were introduced in 2020 to ensure electrical safety in the private rental sector. It is now a legal requirement that an Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) is conducted at least five years to ensure the safety and integrity of your rental property’s electrical wiring.


Involving comprehensive electrical safety testing, you might also hear this same report referred to as the Landlord Safety Test. Mandatory in both England and Scotland, the report must be completed by a qualified and competent electrician – just like Safewire. Not only does this report ensure your tenants are fully protected, but it is also in place to safeguard landlords too and that failure to comply is likely to invalidate your landlord insurance policy, leaving your rental property vulnerable.

Landlord Portable Appliance Testing (PAT)

If you provide any electrical appliances as part of your tenancy, you need to ensure that these too are regularly tested too. Portable Appliance Testing, known as PAT, checks that electrical appliances are safe to use and it is recommended it be done on an annual basis and Safewire can take care of it for you.


Speak to Safewire about our trusted landlord electrical services to ensure the safety of your tenants.

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